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Other Placenta Services

Not interested in encapsulation but would still like to honour your placenta in some way?

Do you still have your placenta hidden in the back of your freezer?

You have options!

Services & Fees (aside from encapsulation) for placentas delivered to me & finished product collected (Peterhead):

  • Tincture ONLY $65 (placenta will be returned for burial/disposal)
  • Prints ONLY $50 — includes preparation of placenta and 3 X A3 prints (placenta will be returned for burial/disposal)
  • Umbilical Cord Keepsake ONLY $30 (placenta will be returned for burial/disposal)
  • Tincture, Print + Keepsake package $100
  • Placenta Ashes + Keepsake (where possible) $100 (Placenta is dehydrated & ground into powder for keeping, burial, scattering or jewellery inclusion) + add Prints $20
  • Placenta Ashes + Keepsake + Prints + Tincture package $150
  • + $40 pick up + $40 delivery

If the placenta is not fresh, the ability to create a tincture is dependent on certain criteria (e.g. was the placenta handled in accordance with food safety handling guidelines post-birth? I.e. refrigerated within 2hrs of birth & frozen within 48hrs? Were there any signs of infection? How long ago was the birth? Etc) I also assess the placenta when I receive it. I have created placenta ashes and a keepsake for a Mumma whose daughters placenta had been sitting in the freezer for 7 years. It was perfectly fine and this Mumma then went on to use the ashes to make some keep sake jewellery and perform a beautiful burial ceremony.

What is a placenta tincture? This is the method of preserving & steeping a piece of placenta (or dried placenta if it is chosen after encapsulation has occurred) in distilled alcohol over several weeks, after which it is strained & ingested, usually by drops directly on the tongue or into a glass of water. It is said to benefit mothers during times of stress & transition. This has an indefinite shelf life & can be saved to use during weaning if breastfeeding, or even menopause. TINCTURES SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN DURING PREGNANCY. Tinctures can also be turned into essences & homeopathic remedies by homeopaths. These heal on vibrational & energetic levels. According to placentaremediesnetwork.org “making a homeopathic placenta remedy can be used as your child’s constitutional remedy for life since it was their life-giving source for their time in-utero. It contains the blueprint of his/her energetic make-up & hence, the amazing ability to bring balance & illicit healing from within when illness, disease, emotional challenges, or difficult life transitions arise.”

Have any questions? Get in touch for a chat 😉

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