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What is it?

Closing and Rebirth Devotion Ceremonies are all about acknowledging rites of passage and liminal spaces of transformation. They are an honouring of the end of one phase and the rebirth into the next. These ceremonies honour death and rebirth as equal parts of our whole human experience. It is an acknowledgement of a journey traversed and all that involved, and a closing of that chapter to welcome in the next. It is an honouring of the light and the dark. The shadows and the gifts. It is witnessing grief and gratitude as they co-exist.

Journeys that benefit from a Closing and Rebirth Devotion Ceremony;

After having a baby (matresence)

After an early birth or termination

After separation/divorce

At a significant birthday

After completing medical treatment

After surgery (i.e.hysterectomy)

At perimenopause/menopause

And so many more…

What does the ceremony look like?

All ceremonies are tailored to the individuals needs but they generally follow a similar process. These ceremonies go for 3-4 hours and in sacred space, together, we work through cleansing, releasing, shifting, closing, immersion, re-emerging and integrating.

Our time together:

Each ceremony is individually tailored but generally you will be greeted with a cup of tea or cacao, and then you will receive footbath and foot and/or hand massage.

During this time we will discuss your experiences and what you are wishing to close/release, along with your hopes for the session, and the energy you are wishing to call in at this time.

Together we will perform a release ceremony where you will be able to burn away any fears you may have along with what you are wishing to release, and then call in the intentions you are wishing to bring forward.

After the release is complete, we will shift the energy and you will have an opportunity to give yourself permission to close and rebirth yourself, from one phase, into the next.

You will then be asked to lie on my treatment table where I will close your body with fabric and perform any energy work that I am guided through. This will also include a drum journey.

Once you have come out of the wrapping you will have an opportunity to journal and reflect. We will then debrief over another cup of tea and some nourishing food and I will pass on any messages that came through.

The space is confidential, respectful and non judgemental. We honour whatever energy arises during this time to move through you to support your intention to heal, feel balanced and closed in a healthy way to the part of your journey that is complete.

Please ask questions: If you have not ever experienced a ritual, drum journey, reiki, energy work before, that is perfectly ok! I will be mindful to explain things to you clearly but please do not hesitate to ask questions as we go about anything at all.

NOTE: The intention for this ceremony is to create the opportunity for you to enter a liminal space of transformation and to be held and witnessed by another. At all times, this is YOUR space, and it is important that you feel safe and able to move though whatever arises for you. In this space, big emotions are welcomed (yes, even rage!). If something does not feel good for you, it is ok to say no or to move to something else that feels more aligned. Sometimes discomfort will arise and we can discuss this together. But please do not just ‘push through’ feeling uncomfortable. Oftentimes, whatever is causing discomfort is asking to be witnessed in a judgement free, safe space; which this is.

The exchange for a 3-4 hour Closing and Rebirth Devotion Ceremony is $333

Reach out if you have any questions.

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