“I have been on a “spiritual path” for well over 10 years and seen countless healers, had many experiences worldwide and can honestly say my session with Erin was one of the best. It was a distance healing, and I was blown away at the level of clearing, guidance, support and shifts that Erin so professionally held space for. I could not recommend enough. I wish I lived in Adelaide to go in person, but as mentioned the distance session was amazing. Recommend highly to anyone, anywhere.” – Mary

“I got much more from the Gatherings than I ever expected – that’s why I keep coming back. It’s a community, a safe space, a platform to voice your dreams and fears and to be your true self. ” – Brooke

“I love your enthusiasm for birth. You are a beautiful lady who is compassionate and caring. Love your honesty, love your sense of humour.” – anon

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