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I offer these sessions both virtually and in-person.

These sessions typically go for 2-2.5 hours and the exchange is $180. 

However, if you are on a time limit, please let me know and I can work to that. 

An Essence Session is a 2-2.5 hour Energy Work + Channelled Reading In-person or Online.

essence. noun. es·​sence ˈes-ən(t)s. : the basic nature of a thing : the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is.

essence. noun. 1. the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character. Synonyms — quintessence, soul, spirit, nature, life, lifeblood, core, heart, centre, nucleus, substance, central part, fundamental quality, basic quality, essential part, intrinsic nature, sum and substance, reality…

In these sessions I meet & commune with all of the above. Everything is stripped away & I see your truest essence. I then receive guidance on what will be most useful at this phase & stage of your journey to best bring you back into alignment & harmony for your highest good. I believe we are our own healers. I play the role of conduit & by bringing your system into balance we are creating the environment for healing, equilibrium & deeper connection. The foundation of every session is reiki & then within that, I am Spirit-led & guided to draw on many different tools & modalities. These tools & modalities include but are not limited to; Soul Retrieval, Play Activation, Akashic Record (past life) work, cord cutting, curse breaking, lineage work, clearing of ill-intending energies, balancing of/activation of existing physical or energetic systems & pathways within the body. Sometimes I am guided through new energy systems being downloaded & cellular upgrades. I receive messages from guides, spirits, ancestors, Gods & Goddesses, archangels & souls who have crossed over. Plant & animal allies reveal themselves. I am guided to compress, agitate, lift, shift, calm, infuse, diffuse. Colours & elements come in to assist & sacred geometry sometimes reveals itself. I could go on…

Each session looks totally different & I never know what is going to unfold. All I know is that it is for your highest good & Spirit only gives what one can handle. My sessions are confidential, respectful & non judgemental. We honour whatever energy arises during our time together. I can’t wait to walk beside you on your journey.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese helping modality that helps to bring the body back into balance. 

You have the easiest job in the world, all that you need to do during the session is lay comfortably with your eyes closed. You do not need to breathe in any particular way, you don’t need to think about anything, you are not required to stay perfectly still; if you need to adjust your body or scratch that’s totally fine. It is OK to drift in and out of sleep, you will still be receiving Reiki and Energy Balance.

In terms of sensation you may feel heat, tingling, cooling, waves under the skin. As you receive the treatment your stomach may make noises – that’s a great reaction, that means movement and shifting within. If you feel nothing that’s ok too. There is no right or wrong during your session, you are still receiving the wonderful benefits of your treatment.

Please wear comfortable loose clothing and anything extra to make you feel warm and cozy, like warm socks.

Hydration & Nourishment:

Ensure that you have had something light to eat and drink before our session.

Cancellation Policy:

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancellation of appointments so that I have the opportunity to call others on my waitlist. A cancellation fee will apply to appointments canceled less than 24 hours prior.

Our time together:

I offer these sessions both virtually and in-person.

If in-person, you are welcomed into my home and we begin with a check-in and getting acquainted. Then you lay down on my massage table and the reiki/energy healing treatment goes for about 60 minutes. Afterwards we ground with a cuppa and some light snacks while we share what we experienced and I go through any messages that came through. I will be working from your crown to the souls of your feet hovering or laying my hands flat over points of your body. If you are not comfortable with touch (including on your upper chest and lower abdomen) let me know.

When virtual, the sessions are conducted via ZOOM. We begin the call with a check-in and getting acquainted. Then you lay down in a comfortable position somewhere in your home and listen to my playlist whilst receiving the reiki/energy healing treatment which goes for about 60 minutes. Afterwards we reconnect and ground back in while we share what we experienced and I go through any messages that came through.

This is a confidential, respectful and non judgemental space. We honour whatever energy arises during our time together.

After our session:

Most people feel good after a session, pleasantly ‘floaty’ is a good descriptor. However, sometimes you can feel a little sluggish or tired after a balance as the energy continues to work through your system. Ensure that you are able to rest and hydrate after your session. It can take a couple of days for the energy to fully integrate. Go gently, depending on how much was lifted and shifted, it can sometimes take a bit of a toll on the physical body. Our spirits/souls/energy bodies can have breakthroughs and it can take a little while for our dense human bodies to recalibrate. To help with grounding I recommend connecting with nature, laying belly down on Mama Earth, getting some sun on your bare skin, eating some root veggies (and some happy, sustainable meat if you’re not a vegetarian/vegan), taking a magnesium and/or epsom salts bath, getting some body work and getting a good amount of rest/sleep etc.

And remember, Spirit will only ever give you what you can handle and what you are ready for 😉

Preparation for our session:

Not essential, but if you choose, have a think about any intentions you would like to bring to your session. 

If you have any further questions about these sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me either via email (expect a 2-3 day wait), or via DM or PM. 

If none of the times in my calendar suit, feel free to reach out and I can see if I can open up a one-off evening or weekend session.





I offer these sessions virtually only and they are held over Zoom.

They go for 1 hour and the exchange is $100.

Refresh Sessions are Spirit-led & may include a fusion of Reiki, various other energy work modalities & a channelled reading. We begin the call with a brief check-in and then I get straight into the energy work and channelled reading.

A Refresh Sesh is perfect for someone who has already had an Essence Session with me and is looking for a quicker refresh, or for someone who is looking for guidance on a specific topic. These sessions are not as in-depth as a 2-2.5hr Essence Session.

These sessions are short, sharp & snappy. We get straight to it. I receive guidance on what will be most useful at this phase & stage of your journey for your highest good.