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  Now this, Goddesses…

is where the true magic happens 

I am truly blessed to collaborate with the incredible Katherine Eden – Rewilding Mentor to bring you our ‘Nourished Goddess’ events.

Goddess Gatherings | Retreats | Workshops

I first met this fiery creatress 9 years ago at a prenatal yoga class when we were both pregnant with our first babes. I had met a kindred spirit. We quickly became very close sharing so many common interests, remembering together much ancient wisdom and adventuring side by side on this wild journey that is parenthood. She is a constant source of inspiration to me and through our mutual desire to nourish and nurture women, our Nourished Goddess events were born.

We offer regular goddess gatherings, mother and maiden circles, motherhood retreats, birth worker retreats and workshops, pregnancy retreats and we have many more seeds of excitement sprouting!

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We can’t wait to sit in circle with you

“No one can pour from an empty cup…”


Sunday Sept 19th | Henley Sailing Club | 2.30-6pm

Do you need some nourishing and nurturing? (I think we all do right now! 😅)
Come and be refilled, refreshed and reconnect.
If you feel called, come along to this in-person circle to give yourself a chance to reconnect to yourself, other women and the wisdom of the cycles in an enriching red-tent style, as women have done for millennia.

The Circle will be held at the Henley Sailing Club, West Beach, and parking is plentiful and super easy to navigate. $55 ($44 for Rhythm & Flow Members, check our group for your special code 😉💚) for 3.5 hours of bliss time just for you! Because you deserve it! (babes in arms welcome).

Meditation, creating, talking circle, drum journey, delicious food and drink and connection.
All materials and sustenance provided.

PLEASE confirm your booking and payment prior to the event (please fill out booking form details even if you have attended before).

Over half of the spaces have already been filled so jump in! We so look forward to opening and sharing this space with you!

N.B. We will be running circles and workshops for Maidens and young women in the near future. We advise that this circle is predominantly focused on and centred around adult women, thus we suggest only women over the age of 16 but if under 18, accompanied by an adult and with the knowledge that adult themes and topics will be discussed.

*If any restrictions come into place prohibiting the event taking place you will receive a full refund* 

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Mother & Maiden Circle

Sunday March 29th
Henley Sailing Club
$33 pp
Maidens aged 9-14 & their Mothers

A space where Mothers can sit in circle together with their Maidens for some much needed connection, honouring, learning, love & FUN!

The ages of between 9-14 were once seen as the most powerful & important time in a young woman’s life. It was her time to be introduced to the super powers that reside within her. This scared window of time begins forging the foundations of a woman’s self esteem. Yet, in our modern society we are creating a cycle of dysfunction & disconnection that repeats throughout the life cycle of our daughters & our granddaughters.

We can begin healing the world by supporting young women to feel empowered by their sacred blood & the natural cycles of Mamma Earth. It is our strong belief (backed by science) that these empowered Maidens will grow & evolve to transition into their Mother phase with a solid foundation of self love & an empowered perspective of just how phenomenal their bodies & their abilities are. When we are deeply connected within and without, shame & disconnection can no longer survive.

Many Mothers & women alike are also realising that they felt disempowered by the lessons they learned as young Maidens & want to do better for their own children – healing & relearning together. Healing for themselves, healing for the past, healing for the collective & healing for the future.

In a masculine society that idolises busy, forging ahead in a very direct way & looking & feeling the same day in & day out; we will look at ways to interweave, appreciate & honour the more varying, gentle feminine aspects of our biological makeup. We will explore our cyclic nature & how our internal & external cycles reflect & interweave with one another

Over 3 hours together there will be a small amount of education on a particular topic, an opportunity to share (or not) where you are at in your life, journalling, meditation, drumming, craft & delicious food & drink.

We are so excited to open this space & can’t wait to sit with you in circle. Please help us spread the word!

Erin & Katherine Xx

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Rhythm and Flow in-person workshop!


*Special Event*
Rhythm & Flow – Cycle Wisdom Workshop
Dec 22nd 9am – 1pm
Henley Sailing Club

Are you feeling a deep inner call to reconnect with yourself and the magic of your true innate wild power?
Are you looking for constructive ways to implement self-care practices that can support you, your family, your work, your relationships and every facet of your life?
Would you love to be able to plan your life around your energy so that you can ensure self preservation and maximum vitality?
Have you always felt like ‘something’ is missing in your life but you haven’t been able to unearth exactly what that is?

What if you were given the key to unlock the knowledge that is the foundation of your life… information that is your birth rite?
Are you ready to dive deep and unlock your magic?

There is a glorious coven of magical sisters waiting to link arms with you and rediscover their bewitchment! A circle of heart radiating, light sourcing, womb anchored sisters just like you – ready to alchemise their unique, inner magic to effect positive change through healing themselves and Mamma Earth.
Are you ready to relearn and integrate the wise woman wisdom of the Goddess cultures and awaken the knowledge that is your birth rite and the foundation to living a life in true flow?

We move through cycles in every aspect of our life. The cycles of the Sun, the Moon, Mamma Earth’s seasons, our menstrual cycle and the life cycles of ourselves, all vegetation and our animal friends. We are all interconnected.

Unfortunately, the awareness and understanding of our cyclic nature as humans has been forgotten over time. It is time to relearn, remember and reconnect to this way of living.

It is our intention to reconnect women with the wisdom of Mamma Earth and their womb; the true essence of their being.

Start 2020 reconnected to your magic and power!

Come journey with us and come home to yourself.

What you will receive:

– A nourishing day (on the day of the Summer Solstice – potent energy) to sit in circle with a coven of sisters as the wheel turns.
– An introduction into the interconnectedness of our inner and outer cycles as well as practical information on how to chart your menstrual and energetic cycles to make the most of each phase.
– Hardcopy of Katherine’s 45 page Rewilding Womb Wisdom Handbook
– 12 months of Mandala Moon Dial cycle trackers and Pattern Tracking reflection pages
– A drum journey to meet your Inner Goddess
– A deliciously decadent morning tea

“But it’s so close to Christmas” we hear you say… YES! IT IS! Even more reason to come and be refilled, refreshed and reconnect. Take some time for yourself to reflect on 2019, the closing of a decade, and ensure that you begin the new one with solid foundations of self care in full flow.

Give yourself a chance to connect to yourself, other women and the wisdom of the cycles in an enriching red-tent style, as women have done for millennia.

The Workshop will be held at the Henley Sailing Club at West Beach, and parking is plentiful and super easy to navigate.

$77 for 4 hours of bliss time just for you! Because you deserve it! (babes in arms welcome).

This workshop is at a crazy low introductory price and will never be this low again. Don’t miss out!

PLEASE confirm your booking and payment prior to the event. (please fill out booking form details even if you have attended our of our events before)

We so look forward to opening and sharing this space with you Much love, Katherine and Erin xx