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is where the true magic happens 

I am truly blessed to collaborate with the incredible Katherine Eden to bring you a variety of events


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I first met this fiery creatures a decade ago at a prenatal yoga class when we were both pregnant with our first babes. I had met a kindred spirit. We quickly became very close sharing so many common interests, remembering together much ancient wisdom and adventuring side by side on this wild journey that is parenthood. She is a constant source of inspiration to me and through our mutual desire to nourish and nurture women, our events were born.

We offer regular online and unperson circles, mother and maiden circles, motherhood retreats, birth worker retreats and workshops, pregnancy retreats and we have many more seeds of excitement sprouting!

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We can’t wait to sit in circle with you

“No one can pour from an empty cup…”

Adelaide In-Person Women’s Circle | Sunday August 7th | Henley Sailing Club 2.30-6pm

~ If you feel called, come along to this in-person circle to give yourself a chance to reconnect to yourself, other women and the wisdom of the cycles in an enriching red-tent style, as women have done for millennia.

~ We shift and change with the energy of the day but our circles generally include some meditation, an energetic overview, journaling, releasing + calling in, somatic practice, craft, talking circle, drum journey, delicious food + drink and connection with a sprinkling of magick! You go as deep or shallow as you feel comfortable and we meet you there. All materials and sustenance are provided.

~ The Circle will be held at the Henley Sailing Club, West Beach, and parking is plentiful and super easy to navigate. $66 ($55 for Rhythm & Flow Members, check our group for your special code) for 3.5 hours of time just for you, because you Goddess Damn deserve it! (babes in arms welcome)

~ “I got much more from the Circles than I ever expected- that’s why I keep coming back. It’s a community, a safe space, a platform to voice your dreams and fears and to be your true self.” – B.G.

~ PLEASE confirm your booking and payment prior to the event (please fill out booking form details even if you have attended before).

~ We so look forward to opening and sharing this space with you! ~ N.B. We will be running circles and workshops for Maidens and young women in the near future. We advise that this circle is predominantly focused on and centred around adult women, thus we suggest only women over the age of 16 but if under 18, accompanied by an adult and with the knowledge that adult themes and topics will be discussed.

~ If any restrictions come into place prohibiting the event taking place you will receive a full refund

Reserve your place for the Circle HERE


EXCITING NEWS!!After much deliberation over locations, we have finally confirmed the location, dates and times for our closed circles in 2022!

The circles will be held at Henley Sailing Club in West Beach on Friday evenings from 6.30-9.30 on the following dates; March 4th, April 8th, May 20th, July 8th, Sept 2nd, Oct 21st & Nov 25th.That makes 7 circles spread throughout the year. None of the above dates fall during school hols. (Note: if this location or time does not suit you but you would be SO keen to join us, please let us know so that we can build a list of those who could perhaps make a second circle. We just need to get an idea of where/when would suit the majority for those who cannot make these confirmed ones)
Closed circles are something we have been talking about for years. They are attended by the same group of people for a committed period of time. Closed circles allow us to go deeper in our stories, in our vulnerability, in our healing & in our connections. We can go slower & take time to process & integrate at each & every circle. We are passionate about, and super excited to be offering this opportunity to our community.
We also have another exciting surprise – we will be including LIFETIME ACCESS to the Rhythm + Flow Online reWILDING Community for everyone who commits to the in-person circles. We have decided to do this as we will be drawing on a lot of the content that is in the Rhythm + Flow portal as it truly is the foundation to… well… everything!
The circles will be run intuitively drawing on what is alive for the collective at the time & will include a mixture of education, ritual, ceremony, meditation, creating, talking circle time, journaling, drum journeys, a variety of yoga nidra & embodiment practices, tea, ceremonial cacao, light snacks & connection. All materials & sustenance will be provided.
The Rhythm & Flow reWILDING Community is a VIP circle to support you in mastering your own energy & reconnecting to yourself, others and Mama Earth. Upon joining members receive access to our toolbox of resources including recorded teaching videos and transmissions, meditations, drum journeys, rituals, ceremonies, self care practices, menstrual practices, cycle charting and energy mastery tools, worksheets/journal prompts, embodiment practices, book recommendations, yoga nidra practices, guidebooks, playlists and so much more to assist on their path to rewilding, to support their self care and reclaim their sovereignty from the inside out. As a member of our sacred community, you will receive VIP discounts to any online or in-person circles and events that we run for the first 12 months after you sign up. Our online guided Circle Gatherings and in-person events are an opportunity to connect more deeply, hold space for one another & experience circle medicine.
The exchange for the 7 circles plus complete access to the Rhythm + Flow Online reWILDING Community is only $699. We also have a flexible payment plan option available. If you’re ready to join us you can save your space here.
We really wanted to keep this unique opportunity as affordable as possible. Access to the Rhythm + Flow Online Community alone is currently $222 and will be going up to $333 as of Jan 1st.
We are capping the closed circle number at 13 to keep it intimate and to allow us to go deeper time wise. There are more people on the waitlist than there are spaces available so if this offering is calling to you, we gently nudge you to take the leap and commit as we don’t want anyone who is super keen to miss out. You are worth it!
‘All members of a family and community benefit when we take time out and care for ourselves.’ – Red Tent Dreaming.
If you are already a local member of the Rhythm & Flow reWILDING Community you get a $144 discount to the closed circles making it an investment of $555. Your discount code can be found in the Rhythm & Flow Facebook group.


Online Circle Magick! Join @katherineeden_rewilding and I on Friday Feb 4th 7.30pm Adelaide time (ACDST)

Free for members of the Rhythm & Flow Online Community. $22 AUD for non-members. We don’t normally open our online circles to non-members but this feels so fun and right 

A safe space to sink into, relax, call ourselves present, do a guided meditation, listen to a brief cycle and season overview, some journaling time, a release ceremony and then space to be witnessed and heard for those who feel called to share. Share with anyone with whom you feel this may resonate.

Reserve your place for the Online Circle HERE  




*Special Event*
Rhythm & Flow – Cycle Wisdom Workshop
Oct 24th 9am – 1pm
Henley Sailing Club

Are you feeling a deep inner call to reconnect with yourself & the magic of your true innate wild power? Are you looking for constructive ways to implement self-care practices that can support you, your family, your work, your relationships & every facet of your life? Would you love to be able to plan your life around your energy so that you can ensure self preservation & maximum vitality? Have you always felt like ‘something’ is missing in your life but you haven’t been able to unearth exactly what that is?

What if you were given the key to unlock the knowledge that is the foundation of your life… information that is your birth rite? Are you ready to dive deep & unlock your magic?

It is our intention to reconnect women with the wisdom of Mamma Earth & their wombs; the true essence of their being

Come on a journey with us & come home to yourself

What you will receive:

~ A nourishing day to sit in circle with likeminded souls. ~ A brief HERstory on how we got to where we are. ~ A chance to slow down and connect within. ~ An introduction into the interconnectedness of our inner & outer cycles as well as practical information on how to chart your menstrual & energetic cycles to make the most of each phase. ~ An E-copy of Katherine’s 45 page Rewilding Womb Wisdom Handbook ~ An E-copy of 12 months of Mandala Moon Dial cycle trackers & Pattern Tracking reflection pages to print and use ~ A deliciously decadent morning tea

Give yourself a chance to reconnect to yourself, other women & the wisdom of the cycles in an enriching red-tent style, as women have done for millennia

PLEASE confirm your booking and payment prior to the event. (please fill out booking form details even if you have attended our of our events before)

We so look forward to opening and sharing this space with you!