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The Nourished Goddess Yoni Steam Handbook

The handbook covers what exactly a yoni steam is, how it works, associated benefits, contraindications, how often you can steam, common herbs used, a step-by-step how to guide, what to do after your steam and a special offer for readers.



MoonTime – 13 ways to celebrate and honour your sacred blood

In times gone by, the magic held within the physiological dance of a womans womb was revered. Her potent bleeding time was honoured and recognized as the lifegiving force it is. Her menstrual cycle was rejoiced for the gifts and messages it brought the individual woman as well as her community.

It is my belief that connection starts within. If we can tune in and reconnect with our physical bodies, we will open to the messages and magic that is held within our internal cycles and seasons. We will recognize the interconnectedness and the mirroring of our internal seasons and cycles in the Moon’s lunar cycles and Mother Earth’s seasonal cycles and we will start treating ourselves, each other and Mother Earth in a more connected, compassionate and careful manner. 

Here are my 13 Tips to honouring your moon time.




For the wild woman within 

Rhythm and Flow is an online circle to dance amongst sisters with Grandmother moon, remembering and reclaiming our wise woman wisdom.

BEAUTY-FULL WOMAN! What if we told you there was a glorious coven of magical sisters waiting to link arms with you to go on the journey of a lifetime? A circle of heart radiating, light sourcing, womb anchored sisters just like you – ready to alchemise their unique, inner magic to effect positive change through healing themselves and Mamma Earth. What if you could relearn and integrate the wise woman wisdom of the Goddess cultures and awaken the knowledge that is your birth rite and the foundation to living a life in true flow?