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Moon Time – 13 ways to honour your menstruation

Moon Time – 13 ways to honour and celebrate your sacred blood

An e-book that has been patiently waiting to collaborate with me for quite some time and finally the timing is right.

In times gone by, the magic held within the physiological dance of a womans womb was revered. Her potent bleeding time was honoured and recognized as the lifegiving force it is. Her menstrual cycle was rejoiced for the gifts and messages it brought the individual woman as well as her community. The young girls in these communities very much looked forward to experiencing their first bleed. Menarche was seen as a precious transitional life event and a rite of passage that was ritualized and steeped in traditional celebration. The way in which menarche was viewed played a significant role in cultivating healthy reproductive function which was essential to the survival of a womans lineage and blood line.

In modern patriarchal times we are living in a society which functions under a very masculine, linear energy. We carry on and push forward at the same pace day in day out or else we are seen as weak or failing. We have been conditioned as a society to think and feel that our monthly bleeding time is an annoyance. Something that gets in the way of us living our busy lives. Our sacred bleed time is viewed as dirty, shameful and nothing more that a gross hindrance to be hidden as best as possible and merely tolerated.

Everything is interconnected. The way we dismiss our internal monthly cycle and the disconnection we show towards our bleeding time is mirrored in the dismissive and disconnected way we treat Mother Earth.

It is my belief that connection starts within. If we can tune in and reconnect with our physical bodies, we will open to the messages and magic that is held within our internal cycles and seasons. We will recognize the interconnectedness and the mirroring of our internal seasons and cycles in the Moon’s lunar cycles and Mother Earth’s seasonal cycles and we will start treating ourselves, each other and Mother Earth in a more connected, compassionate and careful manner.

Let’s start small. Let’s start somewhere. Let’s watch the ripple effect work it’s magic. It is my wish that you might start to embrace your bleed time and welcome the gifts it brings.

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Happy bleeding.

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